Venkatesh Ponraj


Venkatesh Ponraj is the visionary leader behind Nexusdigitalia, driving our strategic direction and ensuring that we stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Jeya Ragav


Raghav oversees all technical aspects of our projects, leveraging him extensive experience to guide our development teams and implement best practices.



Vishva is responsible for the operational efficiency of nexusdigitalia, focusing on streamlining processes and ensuring smooth project execution.


Front-End Developer

Deepak specializes in frontend development, crafting intuitive user interfaces and ensuring seamless user experiences across all platforms.

Yoga Lakshmi

UI/UX Designer

Yoga specializes in user experience UI/UX design, conducting thorough research and crafting wireframes and prototypes that prioritize usability and engagement.

Muthamil Yasika

Social Media Analyst

Muthamil Yasika leads our digital marketing team with her strategic vision and expertise in digital marketing. With a focus on data-driven decision-making, she guides our clients through the complexities of the digital landscape to achieve measurable results.

Jasmine Iswarya

SEO Analyst

Aishwariya specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), helping our clients improve their online visibility and organic search rankings. With a keen eye for keyword research and on-page optimization, he ensures that our clients' websites are highly visible to their target audience.


Full Stack Intern

Meenakshi specializes in Developing and learning new and latest Technology, conducting thorough research and crafting prototypes that prioritize usability and engagement for New Projects


Front-End Stack Intern

Monika specializes in Designing latest UI using React, HTML, CSS and Javascript based frameworks. Conducting thorough research and crafting ehanced UI that prioritize usability and engagement.